60 x 60 Cushion - HEAVENS SAND FOREST
60 x 60 Cushion - HEAVENS SAND FOREST
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, 60 x 60 Cushion - HEAVENS SAND FOREST
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, 60 x 60 Cushion - HEAVENS SAND FOREST

60 x 60 Cushion - HEAVENS SAND FOREST

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This is a high resolution art photograph of this naturally formed sand forest on the beach, suitably named Heavens Sand Forest. This photo [and video linked to QR code on the back of this product] was taken near the well-known surf spot, Heaven at Shelley Point, St Helena Bay, West Coast, South Africa.

The front panel of this cushion is printed on a top quality linen-cotton blend fabric and for the back of the cushion I use a high quality beautiful beach sandy colour LinCot fabric as backing. I only use the sublimation printing process for durability and quality. Yes it is more costly but it ensures for a high quality product that will last much longer. The difference between sublimation and digital printing is that digital prints are printed on the surface of the material, whereas sublimation is infused into the material. What this means is that a sublimation print cannot be superficially damaged and will last much longer.

We pride ourselves in the quality of our products and the zips we use are YKK zips which are made in Swaziland. The unique QR code attached to the cushion will give you access to the live underwater video footage also captured by the artist. Bringing the ocean to you and introducing you Heavens Sand Forest

This product size :
- w 60cm l: 60cm h: 1cm

Inner information
65 x 65cm Goose Feather and Down Scatter Cushion INNER which feels like the plumpest, most comfy scatter cushion.
It ticks all these boxes:
- Luxurious product.
- Best feather and down scatter cushion inner to buy.
- Number one choice for decorators and interior stylists.
Filling: Washed, sterilized, sorted, graded to European Down and Feather Association (EDFA) standards including DIN EN 12934, 12935, 12130 and 1164.
Fabric: 100% cotton down-proof cotton 233 thread count. Certified free from harmful chemicals in compliance with Oeko-tex Standard 100.
Ethics: Ethically sourced raw materials (ESRM).
Washing: Dry cleanable and suitable for top loader washing machines. Follow instructions on label for best results.
Anti-allergenic: Not known to cause allergies and suitable for house dust-mite allergy sufferers.

Manufactured locally and hand made in South Africa

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