About us

Thank YOU for taking a dive over land's edge into Studio SEA LOVE, my creative space where as free-diver, artist, photographer, videographer & designer, I share the jewels of the ocean with the world.

Studio SEA LOVE is a brand-new first ever concept in décor and design. It is the brainchild of ocean free-diving artist, Adéle Grosse. Adéle now gives everyone the opportunity to venture and dive off lands edge and explore the ocean through these Studio Sea Love products. The uniqueness is that all her products has a QR code on the label that connects you to the live video footage she took when freediving to take each specific underwater photo. 

Studio SEA LOVE offers a wide range of quality decor, design and fashion products to brighten up your home, your life & your world. All Studio SEA LOVE images are original underwater photos taken by Adéle and are limited to only 100 prints per product, which makes it LIMITED-EDITION products. It is therefore not bulk production products lines but rather exclusive and unique which means that we might need 10 days extra for production if we are out of stock of a product.

“I do not have photoshop, what you see is what I saw, raw beauty that offers plentiful natures nurturing.” Protecting the environment plays a big role in product development and therefor the Studio Sea Love beach bags and placemats are printed on a medium that is produced from recycled plastic bottles. “All my products are locally manufactured and I only use the sublimation printing process for durability and quality. Yes it is more costly but it ensures for a high quality product that will last much longer. The difference between sublimation and digital printing is that digital prints are printed on the surface of the material, whereas sublimation is infused into the material. What this means is that a sublimation print cannot be superficially damaged and will last much longer.

“I have always been a water-baby but in 2017 I decided to start exploring the underwater world with my lens. One of my biggest inspirations of all time is friend Craig Foster, yes, the Octopus Teacher’s friend. I still remember when my husband came home from a squash session, telling me that Craig invited him for a snorkel where he can introduce him to his octopus’ friend. My reaction? ‘What is Craig smoking?’ Little did I know. I was totally inspired by Craig to also venture into the sea forest in the most natural way possible, yes, without a wetsuit. I immediately felt the connection with the sea garden, in fact, it became my prayer room.”

“Living on the West Coast I am well aware that people from all over come to see the West Coast flowers in September each year. I have decided to also show the world the beautiful ocean bloom and flowers. It is actually very interesting to see the similarity between the ocean- floor garden and lands garden.” Adéle is launching Studio Sea Love mobile cinema in the near future. The public will be able to buy tickets to view a 40-minute OCEAN BLOOM movie showcasing the beauty of the ocean on the West Coast. She hopes to also reach out to schools and communities. “I have a drive to allow people to ‘SEA’ love, wear love, live love & share LOVE.”

That drive also inspired Adéle to adhere to requests from many people all over who wanted to join her in the water. She gladly takes you out into the ocean to explore and view the glorious ocean bloom and ocean life. You can book this adventure with her on her website. She says: “It has been fascinating to observe how the connection with the ocean enhances peoples connection with their inner child and with their loved ones. It is great for couples, book clubs, best friends, me-time, getting the kids away from the screens and to tick the bucket list”.

May it ignite in you a greater love and respect for our beautiful ocean. 

SEA love, wear love, live love & share LOVE <*)))><

Adéle Grosse

Please browse my studio and if you have any questions at all please contact me and I will be happy to help.